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Stories, research and ideas moving food, farming, agriculture and health forward.

Welcome to The #RefindingFood Newsletter written and curated by me, Macala.

What This Newsletter Is About

The #RefindingFood newsletter serves as an extension of my blog is something that I decided to create for people that work in food, agriculture, and farming. It features articles, videos and podcasts that discuss what’s happening in these three fields in a smart, non-judgmental way. The content can also cover relevant topics in the food system, nutrition, health and political issues.

I aim to create original content, as well as curate the great articles written by others in these industries. It features science-backed information, the most unbiased research we can find, op-ed pieces written from smart points of view, and it celebrates small victories and innovations that those in the food industry have accomplished.

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Who I Am

I’m a woman who loves cowboy boots, bow hunting, traveling the backroads, and wide-open spaces. Growing up, my family managed a 1200-acre farm in Minnesota that was dedicated to livestock and crop production. Like many girls who grow up in small towns, my mother longed for a city life so she moved us when she had a chance. 

While cities were exciting, I found they never really suited me. My heart was always homesick for the wide-open spaces I’d been raised on. In 2015, I couldn’t deny my heart any longer; I left life in large cities and began to explore small towns in Washington. This last fall, as I was walking a trail I’d ventured down so many times with my dogs along the Tolt River in Carnation, Washington, I finally decided to scale back the company I’d built to focus on the three things I truly loved to do –– farming, food, and storytelling. So I pivoted my work focus to align to those three things. You can also follow me on LinkedIn or Instagram. If you want to learn more about Macala (that’s me, I curate this newsletter and write it for you!).

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